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Dec 3, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

As a new Christian, 17 years ago ;), I loved the song Oh Happy Day. I was a DJ, and a pal DJ/producer from Hollywood played his dance mix version at an outreach dance-rave that I served at - I absolutely loved the song and fully enjoyed releasing a praise-dance every time I heard it. Later in the year, the song was performed by a gospel choir at my wedding after we were pronounced husband and wife - Oh Happy Day! The Lord knows how meaningful that song is to me and just today, while playing Christmas programming on satellite radio, Oh Happy Day is aired. What? A Christmas song? It was an early present to me by God, I just know it! I have been seeking Him for certain things, and earlier He gave me a scripture to tell me He was holding my right hand (Isaiah 41:13) and then I hear my all-time favorite song! Is God with me? Yes. I know that just because of a song randomly playing on the radio? Not necessarily, but His Word says that He is indeed with us. Jesus promised that to us, saying "...even until the end of the age" He would be with us. When things happen that seem peculiarly coincidental, speaking personally to us, often it is just a sweet reminder that we are on His mind. He is good like that. I know for me, it brightens my day and causes a skip in my step. Oh Happy Day!